CamStreets4People Project

Project Aims

Our project aims to encourage walking as a first choice travel mode by building practical, visual information guides for popular journeys to destinations such as schools, workplaces, shops and other amenities.

We target and map key local walking routes, identifying potential improvements – such as better signage, safer crossing points, safe seating and reduced obstructions. We engage with local residents, community groups and organisations to ensure that all widely used routes are being identified and mapped.

Routes mapped so far focus on:

Walks to local schools
Walks to local shops and shopping centres
Walks to enjoy and explore the city

Many thanks to all the local residents who have shared their walking routes with us or sent us details of delights – and hazards – when out walking. Please continue to help us map and improve walking in Cambridge.

Routes and proposed improvements will be flagged on our CamStreets4People website, capturing progress and spreading ideas and innovation. You can also send in comments, helping to build pedestrian influence on walking policies.

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